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GALLERY: Gear Search Gallery 2010

A fresh look at the instruments for sale on Gear Search featured in PG''s Gear Search Gallery in 2010.

June - 1966 Mosrite Ventures Model
"The guitar you see here is a 1966 Mosrite Ventures MK I similar to the MK II that Johnny Ramone used. In fact, Johnnyуs guitar was so tied to his identity that a representation of it was carved into his memorial. While, as Wallace Marx Jr. pointed out in the рMaximum Energyс feature on p. 136, Johnny was out for the cheapest guitar he could find, the same doesnуt hold true today. Mark I Ventures like this one retailed for $400п$450 brand new. Mosrite distribution ceased in 1969 after a failed deal with Vox. Although rights to the Mosrite name have been purchased and US-made reissues of the Ventures guitar are now available, original versions like this one now command nearly 10 times the original price. Not a bad return on investment! The Ventures MK I featured a bolt-on maple neck, rosewood fretboard, two high-output single-coil pickupsяwith the neck position being slantedяa Vibramute tremolo, and a Roller Matic bridge. The headstock features both the company logo and that of the famous instrumental band that endorsed the guitar. Thanks to Stan Werbin of Elderly Instruments for listing this guitar on Gear Search."