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GALLERY: Gear Search Gallery 2010

A fresh look at the instruments for sale on Gear Search featured in PG''s Gear Search Gallery in 2010.

January - 1977 Rickenbacker 362/12 and 1964 Mosrite Ventures Series Mark XVIII
"The semi-hollow 362/12 Rickenbacker seen here is a rare Rick. Controls on the 362/12 include two 3-way pickup selectors, a Volume and Tone control for each neck and a blend knob for the stereo output. The stunning Mapleglo finish is considered one of the companyуs signature finishes, and is still available today on several models. This gorgeous Mosrite Venture Series Mark XVIII example from 1964 features a 12-string neck on top, with one single-coil pickup in the neck position. The bottom neck is the standard 6-string, with a slanted single-coil pickup in the neck position and another single-coil in the bridge position. The 6-string neck also features a string dampener between the bridge pickup and the bridge, and a vibrato/tremolo tailpiece. Youуll also notice that both headstocks and necks, and the body, are all bound to accent the guitarуs very elegant outline. Thanks to Dave Belzer and Dave Isaac of Guitar Centerуs Hollywood Vintage Room for listing these guitars on Gear Search."