All 12 axes featured as Guitar of the Month in 2011.

"This 1958 P Bass is 100 percent original and is said to have been used onstage with Boxcar Willieуs band and by rockabilly legend Eddie Cochranуs bassist Connie тGuyboу Smith [see inset photo]. 1958 was a year of transition for the P Bass. And many features and appointments were only seen together for one year because of the many alterations the P-bass saw between у57 andу59. The contoured, second generation body has a two-tone sunburst finish that was discontinued in May 1958, while its one-piece maple neck and fingerboard was replaced in mid 1959 by a maple neck and rosewood fretboard combination. This instrument also sports the gold, anodized aluminum pickguard of mid у57 to late у59 and the P Bassу signature split-coil pickupяa humbucking design thatуs connected in series but magnetically inverted (N/S-S/N)яthough in this case it uses raised-A pole pieces that were discontinued and made flush in 1959 production models. "