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Gallery: Guitars of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Can''t make it to Nashville? We bring some of country''s classic instruments to you.

Johnny Cash Martin D-35S
"This customized Martin was a familiar sight to millions of people who watched The Johnny Cash Show. One of the guitars most used by Cash from 1970 on, it is associated with his transformation from a successful country singer into an American icon, thanks in large part to the primetime network television variety show Cash hosted from 1969 to 1971. For the distinctive custom inlay on his 1968 Martin D-35S, Cash specified the acorn-and-leaf pattern on the fretboard. The guitar's custom ornamentation also included the torch inlay on the headstock and abalone-trim top. The playing wear on top of the guitar is evidence of extensive use by the "Man in Black."

On her new record with her trio, Molly Miller executes a live-feeling work of structural harmony that mirrors her busy life.

Photo by Anna Azarov

The accomplished guitarist and teacher’s new record, like her lifestyle, is taut and exciting—no more, and certainly no less, than is needed.

Molly Miller, a self-described “high-energy person,” is fully charged by the crack of dawn. When Ischeduled our interview, she opted for the very first slot available—8:30 a.m.—just before her 10 a.m. tennis match!

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