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Axes owned by Paul Kossof, Eric Clapton, Andy Summers, Marc Bolan and more.

Ike Turnerуs 1967 Fender Coronado II
"Big, bad Ike Turner owned this groovy hollowbody Fender Coronado II guitar during the late у60s. These old Coronados are interesting guitars, but they never really caught on with the music community. Maybe the guitar world just wasnуt ready for a bolt-neck semi-hollow. Theyуre the brainchild of former Rickenbacker designer Roger Rossmeisl. "

A 2x2 USB-C audio interface for macOS, iOS, and Windows, designed to kickstart any music or content creation project in the studio or on the go.

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The Hosa MPA-149 Mic Preamp provides an immediate 26dB’s of gain with a -97dBu signal-to-noise ratio, giving users a clean and immediate gain boost for louder, clearer microphone performance.
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The Deluxe Atlantic Baritone and Deluxe SS Baritone were designed to offer exceptional comfort and vivid, articulate tone—unmistakably different from most baritone offerings.

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