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GALLERY: Hard Rock Collection's Iconic Axes, Part 1

Axes owned by Paul Kossof, Eric Clapton, Andy Summers, Marc Bolan and more.

Mike Oldfieldуs 1974 Zemaitis Acoustic
"British multi-instrumentalist and all-around musical genius Mike Oldfield is a legend in Europe, but U.S. audiences mostly know him for the theme song from рThe Exorcistс from his landmark 1973 album, рTubular Bells.с This album was the very first release by Virgin Records, and its gigantic success put the label, and Richard Branson, on the road to riches. Mike had this unbelievably beautiful acoustic hand-made by Anthony Zemaitis in 1974. It can be heard on his third album, рOmmadawn.с This guitar, with its Brazilian rosewood body and custom inlay work, is quite possibly the nicest acoustic guitar in our collection. Itуs hand-signed and dated on the soundhole label by Zemaitis himself."