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"David Mednick plays rock, pro, blues, shoegaze, ambient, and alt (""badly,"" he adds) with this setup. The pedals are a Wampler Plextortion, Rockbox Boiling Point, Stomp Under Foot Civil War, Basic Audio Tri/Ram Muff, Way Huge Swollen Pickle, Janglebox Compressor, original Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, ISP Technologies Decimator, Catalinbread RAH, Throbak Stone Bender, Basic Audio Solar Myth fuzz, Basic Audio (custom) Wildcat, MetalPedals Pro Country, VFE Enterprise Phaser, TC Electronic Alter Ego delay, TC Electronic Corona Chorus, HardWire Supernatural Reverb, EarthQuaker Organizer, Eventide Space, DigiTech Jimi Hendrix Experience modeling pedal and wah, and a Boss GT-10 used for certain models, but also as volume pedal, wah, flanger, tremolo, and other uses."