Annapolis pays tribute to Fullerton in a fantastically playable T-style that also deviates significantly from the form.

Versatile pickups. Effortless playability. A juicy twist on the T-style template.

Humbuckers are more inclined to overdrive than the typical Telecaster.



If you never saw the new PRS NF 53 and heard Paul Reed Smith say it’s based on a beloved, 1953-model instrument from his collection, you’d probably imagine a goldtop Les Paul—at least if you consider PRS’s typical design leanings. One glance at this new offering, however, makes it clear that Smith had a very different ’53 guitar in mind. But while the NF 53’s Telecaster influence is clear, it’s hardly a conventional take on the type. PRS tweaked just about every bit of the classic T-style blueprint to arrive at a guitar with an extended vocabulary that retains many appealing facets of vintage Telecaster design. The results are likely to cause a stir among forward-thinking players and purists alike.

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