See what PG readers are stomping on!

"Chris Sterr shared his pedalboard for his Chicago-based band, Stolen Silver, which plays everything from rock to Americana, blues to jam, and pop to fusion. He says, ""This setup gives everything I need to create atmospheric beauty to dirty, grimy sludge."" The signal chain goes into a Build Your Own Clone (BYOC) drop-in Wah, BYOC Orange Ringer, and BYOC Divided Octave before hitting a custom six-channel Loooper. Channel 1 is either a Pro Co Turbo RAT (which he calls an ""unexpected great unit"") or a Fulltone Catalyst (""also a sick fuzz/drive""). Channel 2 us a Tube Works Blue Tube (""for a wonderful clean boost""), Channel 3 is a reissue Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer with an Analogman Comprossor (""for the post drive compression option ala Trey Anastasio if the mood strikes me""), Channel 4 is a Boss RT-20, Channel 5 is a TC Electronic Flashback delay and/or a Boss RE-30, and Channel 6 is a Boss RV-3. He adds, ""This board is a rotating door of things... but this is what it looks like this week."""