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GALLERY: Reader Hot Rod Guitars 2012, Part 2

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Eric Larson
"Eric Larson's Floyd Rose Discovery Speedloader (рor what's left of it,с he says) has a stock FR neck and bridge, but he built the body himself with Alaskan red cedar and a quilted-maple veneer. He uses DiMarzio PAFs and notes, ""The tone is amazing and it is extremely light, but all that porous wood has sacrificed some sustain. Despite all the bad press on the Speedloader, I really like this guitar. It has the most playable neck I have ever owned and that bridge is just plain cool-looking. But, as anyone who owns one of these knows, the handwriting is on the wall. The time is coming when you arenуt going to be able to get strings for this guitar. Iуm working on a way to convert to standard strings. Tall order I know."""