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GALLERY: Reader Hot Rod Guitars 2012, Part 2

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Jon Clarke
"This is my guitar I built named Dirty,"" writes in Jon Clarke. Weуll let him tell the story in his own words: рNamed after the infamous Sonic Youth album, this guitar is a fascist-killing-machine. Originally built for a metal guitar, this guitar worked better in front of fuzz-based rigs and not well with fast (and cheesy) metal. I grew out of the metal phase and relic'd the hell out of this one. It was never played in a show but was recorded in a couple of albums I was on and seeks to impress me more every time. With the SD Full Shred in the one position (it doesn't fit the strings as you can tell) the guitar has a bit of an imperfect tone that I love very dearly. We go really far back and I hope you enjoy it!"""