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GALLERY: Reader Pedalboards 2013, Part 1

We asked PG faithful to show us their pedalboards, and you delivered! In honor of our annual pedal blowout, we bring you 30 of our readers' personal stomping grounds.


Loring M. Suess built this board for his work with Atlanta-based cover band, Overtime Crew." Power is provided by an internally rear mounted Pedal Pad MPS-XL II. First in the signal chain is a Sennhieser G3 wireless receiver that is rackmounted with the PA mixing board. From there it goes to a Morley volume pedal, Dunlop 95Q wah, and Boss SD-1 that hit the front end of a Marshall JVM. The DigiTech RP1000 switching system allows effects to run either before or after the JVM preamp. The top row of effects run in the loop of the RP1000 configured for post-preamp operation. The signal chain for this row is a Boss TU-2, Decimator noise reducer, DigiTech CR-7 Chorus, and Boss DD-20 Delay. The BOSS FS-5L is used for conveniently engaging the DD-20. The DigiTech patches are most often configured to use the natural tone, character, and gain of the JVM with the expression pedal engaging momentary effects. "As a lead vocalist/guitarist, I need the tap dancing to me minimal, and the switching methods to be large targets whenever possible," he says. Pick supply holders adorn the sides of the front row and an Allen key wrench set is Velcro-attached on the left for Floyd Rose-equipped guitar adjustments.