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GALLERY: Show Us Your Gear - Favorite Overdrive/Distortion

From classics to modded classics, boutique to budget, Premier Guitar readers submit the tools they use to get dirty.

Random Device Thermonuclear Drive
"Phil Douglas calls his Thermonuclear Drive his Swiss-Army Knife pedal. He says, ""It is an overdrive/boost, that sounds great with both my tube and solid-state amps. It has a built-in loop to run other effects through. I like to plug my old Big Muff into the loop, as it doesn't have true bypass and the OD on the Thermonuclear added to it makes it sound amazing (I also run my Cry-Baby through it for the same reasons) - you can use the loop without the overdrive and you can also use it as an AB box. One thing I would like to see in other overdrive pedals is it has a switch on it that reduces the voltage, giving it that great half dead battery in your overdrive sound without having to use a half-dead battery. It's one of my favorite gigging pedals, and I always get comments on it - just cause it looks so damn cool!"""