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GALLERY: Show Us Your Gear - Unique Instruments

Oddball, one-off, custom, and handmade guitars, amps, and effects

 Andr▌ Maquera's Schoales Andr▌ Maquera Rockets
"This duo was designed and built for Andr▌ in the '80s by master luthier Glenn Schoales, formerly of the Gibson Custom Shop with finishes by Bob Tabarrini. Says Andr▌, ""Both are creatures of their era with slim fast necks and Floyd Roses."" The red Lambo Countach has a mahogany body, bolt-on neck, and EMG 89s with coil tap, while the silver jet is a set neck, mahogany body with EMG 89 and 85 pickups and features a signature ""A"" on the 12th fret."

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