We wrap up our Summer NAMM coverage with some new tone toys from Chellee, 3rd Power, Mythos, and more!

Mythos Pedals

Mythos Pedals Herculean Overdrive

Nashville’s own Mythos Pedals brought out an updated version of their Herculean overdrive. Since it’s totally buffer-less the silicone-based circuit has a wide open, more transparent sound. The clarity knob allows you to fine tune the high end. It will street for $199.

A new tool for working on Floyd Rose and tremolo-equipped guitars.

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There’s just something about the grit on those repeats.…

There’s definitely a place for those pristine, perfect digital delay units, but when you need to hear a bit of degradation on the repeats there’s only one way to go. Here’s a look at 10 different analog boxes that range from simple and funky to expansive and weird.

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A new marketplace allowing music makers to buy and sell gently used gear through the trusted online music retailer.

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