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NAMM 2013 Editors' Picks - Day 2

PG Editors pick their top gear from the second day of NAMM.

PG Editors pick their top gear from the second day of NAMM. See everything from day 2 in our photo gallery.

Z.Vex Fat Fuzz Factory
ZVex seems to have dredged the new Fat Fuzz Factory up from the molten magma just for NAMM. It's got all the squirrelly delights of the original with from-the-bowels-of-the-earth low end capabilities that will freak out guitarists and bass players alike.

Hagstrom Pat Smear
Unleash the Germs! Pat Smear's signature Hagstrom debuted at NAMM, and it's a pretty unique beast--marrying the Les Paul-style mahogany And maple construction of The Swede with a Hagstrom II body profile. Hefty and mean and around $699 on the street.

Magnatone Twilighter
My goodness!...Magnatone is back at NAMM with a line of six new amps. And each sounded spectacular. The Twilighter, pictured here is a 22 watt, twin 6V6, single 12" combo. And yeah, it has that delicious pitch shift vibrato and tremolo. MAP is $2,249. Beautiful sounding stuff!

Fano GF6
Fano Guitars' GF6 is a knockout. The carved swamp ash top deviates from the usual laminate top approach to semi-hollow construction and paired with Fralin P-90s it's got the potential to be a living, twitching, fire-breathing beast. Lament your lost Starcaster no more!

Jens Ritter Blue Dragon
Jens Ritter Instruments unveiled his latest masterpiece with the Blue Dragon at the 2013 NAMM show. Limited to a run of just 25 instruments, the Blue Dragon is based on his Princess Isabella jazz concept model, and the body's surface is covered with old, brocade fabric.

Following up on the success of the recently released MULTIAMP for guitarists, Markbass showed off the new Bass MULTIAMP at NAMM 2013. Intended as an all-in-one solution for bassists, it offers players a huge range of virtual bass amps, speaker cabs, mics, studio and stompbox effects, and a 500-watt stereo power amp.

D'Angelico EX-BASS
D'Angelico Guitars is back! And the iconic brand had a huge variety of new models at NAMM 2013. Shown here is the semi-hollow EX-BASS from the reborn company's Standard series—a nod to what they believe a bass would have looked like had John D'Angelico built them during his storied career.

Duesenberg Mike Campbell II
Take a look at this new Fullerton Vintage Hollow just released from Duesenberg—the Mike Campbell II signature model. Loaded up with a set of P-90s, this axe is also outfitted with a 10 dB destruct (aka boost) knob located at the upper bout.

Phil Jones Double Four
Phil Jones Pure Sound showed off the new Double Four micro-bass combo at NAMM 2013. This 1-channel, 70-watt little beast with a 3-band EQ weighs in at under 10 pounds and features a pair of 4" PJB Neo Power type-C speakers that push plenty of air for such a small unit.

Hardwire V-10 Power Brick
HardWire Pedals introduced the new V-10 Power Brick at NAMM. It features 10 fully isolated outputs, four with 9 volts at 150 mA, two that are switchable between 9 and 12 volts at 200 mA but that can also be combined to power amperage-hungry digital pedals, another pair of 9-/12-volt switchables whose 150 mA each can be combined for 300 mA, and pair of 150 mA jacks that can be set for 9, 12, or 18 volts each.

Ampeg PF-800
Ampeg also released its new PortaFlex 800 head at NAMM. Like previous PF heads, it features a compressor, a 15 dB input pad, an effects loop with mix knob, a DI with a -40 dB pad, and headphone and aux inputs, all throbbing at 800 glorious watts (at 4 ohms).

Kauer Starliner
Kauer Guitars introduced the new Starliner line at NAMM, which succeeds admirably at achieving a look that's at once familiar and yet unique. It features a Spanish cedar body with a maple cap, and is available standard with Wolfetone humbuckers or P-90s.

Fender Bass VI
A gleaming trio of Fender Guitar's new Pawn Shop Series Super-Sonic guitars at NAMM 2013. Built for raw simplicity, the 24"-scale punks feature dual Atomic humbuckers, a 3-way selector, and a C-shaped neck.

Peavey Vypr VIP-2
Peavey's new Vypr VIP-2 amp may have been a bit tough to see in the dark and amidst quickly shifting purple and blue lights, but its 36 amp models, 36 effects (including the interesting "violin" and "slice" sounds), and models for bass amps and even different instruments (including 12-string and resonator) sounded pretty darn remarkable nonetheless.