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NAMM 2015: Editors' Picks – Day 4

Some highlights form the final day of NAMM.

PG Editors pick their top gear from the fourth day of NAMM. See everything from day 4 in our photo gallery.

Santa Cruz Tony Rice Signature Model

Santa Cruz Guitar's Richard Hoover (one of the real gents in the biz,) dove into a stash of his most priceless and prized tonewoods to build this Tony Rice signature model. The top is 100-year old German Spruce, and the Brazilian Rosewood that make up the back and sides are from a batch that Hoover considers some of the best sounding he's encountered. The one-of-a-kind guitar is very expensive. But the proceeds go to Tony Rice himself who has been unable to perform due to severe arthritis.

Relish Jane

Relish Guitar's new Jane’s six strings are built around refreshingly original contours and shapes, and a construction method employing aluminum center block and sides and laminate wood tops--in this case walnut. Pickup switching and muting is performed using a touch sensor system, which is both fast and simple, but adds to the streamlined feel of the instrument. Resonant and very pretty sounding guitars indeed.

B.C. Rich Rich NJ Retro Warlock

It's hard to do justice to the cherry sunburst pearl finish on the new BC Rich NJ Retro Warlock, but if a tequila sunrise blended with some sparkling grape essence sounds appealing to you (we found it awesome) then you'll love what's going on here. The maple neck-through design also features mahogany wings. A super-solid Nagoya-style BC Rich for just $599.

Universal Audio Apollo Plug-Ins

Universal Audio debuted three super-cool new plug-ins for their Apollo recording interfaces. Sound Machine Wood Works ($299) lets you plug in a piezo-equipped acoustic and get studio-miked sounds, as well as re-voice resonance and acoustic properties. The UA Distortion Essentials bundle ($249) features an official Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808 emulation, a simulation of an early-'80s Pro Co Rat, and an emulation of a '70s Big Muff Pi. And the Friedman Amplifiers Plug-In Collection by Brainworx ($249) features emulations of Dave Friedman's DS40 and BE100 amps.

Bergantino B-Amp

Bergantino Audio Systems had their new B-Amp bass rig in the house at NAMM 2015. It's an embedded-system controlled amp with multifunction tone controls, programmable chromatic tuner, programmable filters, USB port for software upgrades, and a 700-watt RMS power section.

Diamond 327SD

Diamond and Soldano came together to craft the limited edition 327SD. It's a 100-watt, 4 x 5881, 6 x 12AX7 monster--heaving with low-end and equally capable of crazily rich crunch and very pretty clean tones. Brutal and beautiful, but there won't be many....


Holy EHX Batman! Electro-Harmonix had a slew of new stompbox candy to share at NAMM 2015 including the Deluxe Electric Mistress flanger, Super Pulsar stereo tap tremolo, C9 Organ Machine, B9 Organ Machine, Holy Grail Neo reverb, Octavix fuzz and octave-up effect, Bad Stone phase shifter, Good Vibes modulator, and the Bass Soul Food overdrive.