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Premier Collector #1: Kramers, Coronados & More

Our first Premier Collector has a slew of Kramers, along with Gibson RDs, Charvel Surfcasters, Kents and more!

Mark Schwarzel let the gear speak for itself when he sent in his expansive collection. Pictured are Mark''s 108 guitars and basses from Kramer, Fender, Gibson, Kent, and Charvel.

You, too, can have your collection featured on PremierGuitar.com and in our weekly Backstage Pass e-mail updates. Just drop us a line with some photos of your guitars, amps, effects or any combination of the above, along with any interesting gear stories, and you could be featured next.

Kramer Series XL5, XL24 and XL98, plus the Simmons Axe

Kramer Series Wedge and Flying V

Kramer Headless Guitars

Kramer Series DMZ5000, DMZ6000 and Stagemaster Deluxe

Kramer Series DMZ1000, DMZ2000, DMZ3000, DMZ4000 and DMZ4001

Kramer Series 250, 350, 450 and 650

Collection of Kents

Charvel Surfcasters

Gibson Les Pauls

Gibson Flying Vs

Gibson Reverse Vs

Gibson RD models

Gisbon Firebirds

Gibson ES-335s

Fender Coronados

To have your collection considered for Premier Collector, just e-mail us pictures and descriptions. It doesn''t have to be the biggest or oldest, and it doesn''t even have to be guitars -- we love amps and effects as well. Send all requests to rebecca@premierguitar.com.

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