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Quick Hit: Outlaw Effects Quick Draw Delay Review

Quick Hit: Outlaw Effects Quick Draw Delay Review

A micro-sized, analog-voiced pedal that keeps things simple.

You can do a lot with a delay pedal, some arpeggios, and a heap of imagination—just ask The Edge. Outlaw Effects offers up one part of that trio with the Quick Draw, a delay that covers a surprisingly wide range of delay sounds considering it's diminutive enclosure. The standard controls for Echo (repeat volume), Time, and Repeat (the number of repeats) are present and accounted for, but the larger Time knob makes it much easier to craft warped, time-shifting tones with your toe.

I found that shimmery, ambient delay tones are the Quick Draw's strength. And it’s great for creating super lush soundscapes. It does a fine job of emulating an analog voice but it lacks some of the, well “edge” that make digital delays useful when you need to cut through a crowded mix. The Quick Draw is a solid choice for a gigging guitarist with a crowded pedalboard and a thinner wallet.

Test Gear: Fender Telecaster, Louis Electric Tremoverb, Fender Deluxe Reverb


Very warm sound. Dead simple to operate.

Could use a little more delay time. No battery option.




Ease of Use: