A clever new capo offering one-handed operation and adjustable tension.

Capo shoppers must sometimes choose between ease of use and adjustability, but the NS Artist offers both. You can operate it one-handed and clamp it to the headstock when not in use, but the clamping angle is more straight-down than on other trigger-style models, and you can tailor the tension via a spring-adjustment dial without removing the capo.

Properly placed and adjusted, it provides even (but not excessive) tension across all strings. I barely needed to touch the tuners when I positioned the NS Artist at the 1st or 4th fret. Icing on the cake: an onboard pick holder and a mount for an optional NS tuner.

Test Gear: 2005 Larrivee parlor, 1974 Washburn dreadnought


One-hand operation. Even, adjustable pressure across all strings.

None—and it costs just a couple of bucks more than a basic trigger-style model.




Ease of Use:



XS, D'Addario's innovation combines an unprecedented level of strength and stability—all without sacrificing iconic D’Addario tone.

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