The new models are two Angus Young SGs (USA and Custom Shop) and a Gibson USA Buckethead Les Paul

Nashville, TN (November 27, 2009) -- Gibson has released two new artist models to their USA line: the USA Angus Young SG and USA Buckethead Les Paul. The company has also released a Custom Shop version of the Angus Young SG.

Gibson USA Angus Young SG

The Gibson USA Angus Young SG features a mahogany body with a high-gloss Ebony finish and one-piece, quarter-sawn mahogany neck. The neck is carved to Angus’s own requirements and models the super-slim, yet extremely comfortable profile of his own original ’68 SG Standard. It measures 0.775” thick at the 1st fret, and 0.850” thick at the 12th. The fretboard is ebony with 22 jumbo frets and acrylic "lightning bolt" inlays.

The guitar is equipped with a Gibson 57 Classic humbucking pickup in the neck (rhythm) position and a Gibson Angus Young model humbucker in the bridge (lead) position. Each pickup has a separate tone and volume control, plus a three-way switch. It features a Tune-o-Matic bridge, stop tailpiece and vintage-style tuners. MSRP $3617

Gibson Custom Angus Young SG Standard
The Gibson Custom Angus Young SG Standard is limited to 250 guitars and features a solid mahogany body with custom VOS "Angus Cherry" finish. 50 of the run will be hand-aged in house and signed by Angus himself. The neck is three-piece quartersawn maple, and is also modeled after Angus' '68 SG Standard. The fretboard is ebony with 22 jumbo frets and pearl "lightning bolt" inlays. The guitar features a bone nut and is PLEK'd.

The Custom Angus Young SG Standard has a pair of Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates, with individual tone and volume controls and a three-way toggle. It features chromed Schaller tuners, an ABR-1 Tune-o-Matic bridge and stop tailpiece. MSRP $6115 (VOS) or $9409 (hand-aged, signed)

Buckethead Signature Les Paul
The Gibson Buckethead Signature Les Paul features a two-piece maple top on a chambered mahogany body with high-gloss Alpine White finish. The body is slightly oversized and features Buckethead's preferred modifications: two arcade-style button killswitches. It features a mahogany neck with a custom profile designed for speed and comfort and an ebony fingerboard with 24 jumbo frets.

The guitar is equipped with a calibrated pair of Gibson’s contemporary-voiced Ceramic series humbucking pickups, featuring a 496R in the neck (rhythm) position, and a hot 500T in the bridge. It features single tone and volume controls and a push/pull switch on the tone control. The oversized headstock features chrom plated Grover locking tuners. MSRP $4311

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A maze of modulation and reverberations leads down many colorful tone vortices.

Deep clanging reverb tones. Unexpected reverb/modulation combinations.

Steep learning curve for a superficially simple pedal.


SolidGoldFX Ether


A lot of cruel fates can befall a gig. But unless you’re a complete pedal addict or live in high-gain-only realms, doing a gig with just a reverb- and tremolo-equipped amp is not one of them. Usually a nice splash of reverb makes the lamest tone pretty okay. Add a little tremolo on top and you have to work to not be at least a little funky, surfy, or spacy. You see, reverb and modulation go together like beans and rice. That truth, it seems, extends even to maximalist expressions of that formula—like the SolidGold FX Ether.

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