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Guyatone Introduces Third Wave of Mighty Micro Series: Cool Booster, Micro Octaver, Overdrive & Sonic Shaper

The latest additions to the Mighty Micro series: CBm5 Cool Booster, MOm5 Micro Octaver, ODm5 Overdrive, SSm5 Sonic Shaper

Clifton, NJ (December 31, 2009) -- Godlyke, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the third wave of Guyatone mighty micro series compact effect pedals. Based on Guyatone’s award-winning Micro Series effects, the mighty micros offer professional-grade features and exceptional sound quality in an ultra-compact, lightweight chassis that is 33% smaller and 50% lighter than the average stompbox.

The third round of Mighty Micro models features the following models:

ODm5 Overdrive
Classic overdrive circuit with Drive, Tone, Level and 3-way voice switch and True Bypass Switching.
List Price - $165.00 MAP - $140.25

MOm5 Micro Octaver
Analog Octaver with 1 & 2 octaves down plus 3-voice filter switch and True Bypass Switching.
List Price - $190.00 MAP - $161.50

SSm5 Sonic Shaper
Harmonic Exciter circuit with Input Attenuator and True Bypass Switching.
List Price - $160.00 MAP - $136.00

CBm5 Cool Booster
Clean Booster with Gain, Tone, and Level Controls and True Bypass Switching.
List Price - $170.00 MAP - $136.00

The Guyatone mighty micros offer many improvements and additional features that Guyatone users have demanded, all packed into a rugged enclosure that retains the same-sized footprint as the original Micro Series effects. New features include:

• Lightweight, ultra-durable cast-aluminum chassis
• Top-mounted, no-tools battery compartment with “Smart Screw” and battery “Load Scope”
• Mechanical True Bypass Switching
• Ultra-Bright status LED is easily visible on dark stages
• Professional-grade component selection offers improved sound quality
• Cast Aluminum “Stomp Guard” protects Controls from damage or accidental adjustment
• Adjustable Input Attenuators allow use with any instrument or input signal
• Glow-In-The-Dark Washer for Bypass Switch offers improved visibility on dark stages
• Additional Controls with improved Functionality provide greater tonal options
• Top-mounted jacks save space on crowded pedalboards
• 3-Year Warranty

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