Sunrise, FL (January 16, 2012) – IK Multimedia, the leader in mobile music creation accessories, is proud to announce iRig HD the new digital guitar interface for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch,

Sunrise, FL (January 16, 2012) – IK Multimedia, the leader in mobile music creation accessories, is proud to announce iRig HD the new digital guitar interface for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. iRig HD is the next generation of the immensely popular iRig guitar interface adapter, which, with over half a million units sold worldwide, has changed the way guitar players make music on the go.

iRig HD is a high-quality digital guitar/bass/instrument interface that allows users to plug their guitar or bass into their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac. It can be used with the AmpliTube range of guitar amps/effects apps and software or any other real-time processing app/software, like GarageBand and more. Using AmpliTube, users can play with the sound of their favorite amplifiers and effects, record their performance and compose entire songs, everywhere. iRig HD features crystal clear digital signal thanks to its superior 24 bit converter, an onboard gain control for perfect level setting, a low power consumption circuit for longer device battery life, plus an ultra-slim design and interchangeable adapter cables for maximum portability and universal compatibility. As many other IK accessories, iRig HD is also made in Italy for the highest possible manufacturing quality.

iRig HD is a simple “plug in and play” interface featuring a 1Ž4” instrument input jack, that plugs directly into the digital Lightning or 30-pin connectors of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, using one of the included cables. Players can easily connect iRig HD to any Mac with the included USB cable. With its ultra-compact design, iRig HD fits easily into any guitar case, gig back or pocket for true mobility.

For a complete out of the box playing experience, iRig HD comes with the AmpliTube Free App (downloaded from the iTunes App ) that provides a great sounding “ready to go” expandable guitar rig complete with effects pedals, amplifiers, speaker cabinets and a single track recorder. Players can play, practice and record anywhere and everywhere on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Plus, AmpliTube effects, amps and gear selection can be greatly expanded via in-app purchase with the entire range of AmpliTube apps including AmpliTube, AmpliTube Fender, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™ and AmpliTube Slash.  Guitar and bass players now have the widest range of amplifiers and effects at their disposal with over 50 superior sounding mobile gear for jamming and recording on the go.  Plus, iRig HD can be used with any app that supports digital audio processing, like GarageBand and many more.

Not only is iRig HD the perfect interface for the guitar and bass players on the go but can also be used on any Mac to take advantage of the superior processing power of the Mac platform. Users can download AmpliTube Custom Shop for free or use it as a standalone amp and effects processing powerhouse, or with many popular digital audio workstation program (DAW), such as GarageBand or Logic, as a plug-in for more sophisticated recording and composition. AmpliTube Custom Shop gives access to hundreds of top quality amplifiers and effects from world’s top manufacturers like Fender, Ampeg, Orange and more that can be purchased a-la-carte for a truly customizable software rig.

iRig HD at a glance:
• High-quality instrument-level 1/4” Hi-Z input jack
• Detachable cables for Lighting, 30 pin and USB connector compatibility
• Preamp gain control
• High-quality low-noise, high-definition preamp
• High-quality 24 bit A/D conversion
• Powered by the iOS device or USB
• Ultra-compact and lightweight
• Comes with AmpliTube apps

Price and availability
iRig HD will be shipping in the Spring of 2013 and will be available in musical instrument and electronic retailers worldwide. Price is to be announced.

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