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Jens Ritter to Unveil Jazz Guitar, New Bass Models

Jens Ritter to Unveil Jazz Guitar, New Bass Models

Jens'' new offerings include the Princess Isabella solidbody jazz guitar and a Roya Concept made of a single piece of flame maple.

Deidesheim, Germany (January 6, 2010) -- German bass luthier Jens Ritter has unveiled preliminary details on his new line of jazz guitars called Princess Isabella. He is also releasing a new bass model and two new basses at NAMM.

Princess Isabella
The Princess Isabella jazz guitar developed four years ago after a conversation Jens had with Rudy Pensa about how Jens would approach a jazz guitar. The result was the Princess Isabella, a super-thin solidbody that simulates the classic hollowbody jazz guitar sound.

The guitar is made of super-light swamp ash with a mahogany neck and soft maple fingerboard. It features a hollow cavity underneath the bridge and Ritter-designed hardware that is hand-cast by a local jeweler. The guitar will be a limited edition run of 50 instruments.

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New Basses
Jens Ritter has also unveiled photos of three new basses he will be bringing to NAMM.

The Cora is his latest bass body design, developed in conjunction with Josh Dunham (Prince):

The Roya Concept is the first of two basses Jens will be making that is carved completely out of one piece of flamed maple. It features "Late Lounge" high-gloss finish. The second will be ready in spring 2010:

The Shudarella 2 "For the Legends" features unique hand painting from German artist Shudarella. It features lyrics from The Doors, Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, The Who, Janis Joplin, Arlo Guthrie, Joan Baez, Grateful Dead, Woody Guthrie and Jimi Hendrix:

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