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Jet City Amplification Announces Three New Amps and an Iso Cab

Jet City''s new offerings include partnerships with THD Electronics, Eminence and ZT Amplifiers, along with an all-original combo.

Anaheim, CA (January 19, 2010) -- Jet City Amplification, Michael Soldano's Seattle-based line of affordable tube amps, showed off four new products at NAMM 2010: a new combo amp, a new iso cab and two new heads in partnership with THD Electronics and ZT Amplification.

JCA5212RC Combo
Featuring two channels, 50 watts of Class A/B tube power, and a pair of Jet City Custom Eminence 12” drivers, JCA5212RC is Jet City’s most advanced feature-rich product to date.

Each channel has its own EQ and unique preamp circuits. The Clean channel offers plenty of headroom for bright, clear tones even at high volumes, while the Crunch channel offers a classic Soldano circuit. “We felt it was important to offer guitarists what they expect from a Soldano design – that unmistakable Crunch”, said Michael Soldano, cofounder of the new Seattle-based company. "But the Clean channel is an all-new approach; I started fresh to create an amp which is both versatile and easy to use”.

JCA5212RC also features a 3-spring, tube-driven reverb, and a tube-driven effects loop, bringing the count of 12AX7 tubes up to six. The power is delivered via a pair of 6L6 output tubes. And like all Jet City Amplifiers, this flagship combo amp is built from multi-ply hardwood cabinetry and 16 gauge steel chassis.

JCA5212RC will be available worldwide in the Spring of 2010.

Jet City's new PicoValve guitar amplifier is a 5-watt, all-tube head licensed from THD Electronics, a company specializing in tube guitar amplification. It features THD's signature steel-cage format.

“A big part of our product strategy is to partner with fine guitar amp makers, bringing their designs and specialties to the market through Jet City Amplification”, said Douglas White, Marketing and Product Development Manager. "PicoValve fits into our product range perfectly, and THD are the experts at designing amplifiers with this feature set”. Features include a half-power switch, full EQ, Master Volume, and THD’s innovative design allowing for almost any octal-based power tube to be used, at will, without rebiasing the amplifier. Set to ship in Spring of 2010, PicoValve will hit the market with a US suggested street price of $289.99.

“We dreamt up the PicoValve almost 10 years ago, but weren't sure how to fit it into our product line, in terms of price and production capacity” said THD owner Andy Marshall. “When our friends at Jet City approached us, we knew the PicoValve would be perfect for our two companies to collaborate on. We are thrilled that the public will finally get to enjoy this little monster."

Stealth USB Isolation Cabinet
The Stealth USB Isolation allows guitarists to achieve high output-level performance from tube amplifiers, without the high volume typically associated with those amplifier settings. Completely enclosing the driver in a specially designed cabinet with special baffling and sound-absorbing materials also allows the driver to perform at full volume with minimal leakage.

“The acoustic engineering necessary for a product like this made it necessary for us to enlist some expert help”, said Douglas White, Marketing and Product Development Manager at Jet City. "So we turned to our allies at Eminence Speaker LLC for the acoustical design".

“We’ve enjoyed working with the guys at Jet City since they started the company, developing the driver they use in all of their speaker cabinets to date. So when they came to us with the opportunity to design an isolation cabinet, we welcomed the challenge as we think it’s a great idea”, stated Chris Rose, Eminence Speaker LLC President.

The Jet City Stealth USB also includes a unique feature among other Isolation cabinets, as the name implies. “In addition to the XLR output for connecting the internal mic to a mixer in live or recording applications, we also included a USB output”, said White. “This gives the guitarist a very cool way to record their amplified guitar tones – from the Stealth USB right to a computer recording system”.

The Jet City Stealth USB Cabinet will be available in the Spring 2010 with a suggested US street price of just $399.

ZT Mini Head
Jet City also announced a product development alliance with ZT Amplifiers, makers of the popular Lunchbox guitar amplifier, to produce the ZT Mini head.

“ZT Amplifiers’ high powered solid state designs offer something we at Jet City wouldn’t have been able to develop on our own. So it was highly desirable for us to work with them on the ZT Mini head, and we have several more interesting projects in the works”, said Douglas White, Marketing and Product Development Manager.

The ZT Mini head is based on the Lunchbox platform, offering 200 watts Class A/B output power in a compact, very portable head format. Tone is produced from an analog front-end which is also accessible via a headphone jack with a level control.

When asked for comment, ZT Amplifiers’ Ken Kantor added, “Cooperating with our friends in Jet City has been very natural to do. Our two companies are quite compatible and we’re excited about future possibilities”.

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