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Klotz Releases the Pro Artist Cable

German cable manufacturer, Klotz, has released their ''ready for the road'' Pro Artist cable.

Munich, Germany (April 23, 2009) - The new Pro Artist instrument cable from Klotz features Switchcraft connectors and offers broad, well-balanced sound and handling properties.  It is deemed 'ready for the road' and affordable.

When Klotz embarked on designing the Pro Artist cable  their goal was to combine every feature that a cable really needs and offer it at an attractive price.

Many cables that deliver powerful sound are sometimes difficult to handle because of the combination of materials they use; others feature overly-harsh sound fidelity or excessively rapid signal transfer or are simply too expensive.

Pro Artist by Klotz is somewhat of a compromise – delivering powerful sound and playability while remaining easy to handle and reliable.

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