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Lava Cable Introduces Lava Soar Cable

The new cable comes complete with Lava Silver Wire plugs standard for a matched plugs-to-cable design.

Fayetteville, NC (July 8, 2010) -- The Lava Soar is Lava Cable’s official entry into the high-end guitar cable category. The cable features dual 22 AWG 99.99% pure OFC solid copper conductors in a unique configuration, dual layers of tailored shielding, and a rugged outer braid. It comes with highly conductive Lava Silver Wire plugs standard as part of a complete matched plugs-to-cable design.

The Lava Soar is slightly stiffer than the average stranded cable, but the cable is durable and flexible. With low capacitance of 29 pF/ft in the sweet spot zone, it provides detailed frequency response, allowing the user to retain the tone of their guitar.

  • 6-11" patch cable: $32.95
  • 12-24" patch cable: $34.95
  • 3 foot cable: $49.95
  • 4 foot cable: $52.95
  • 6 foot cable: $55.95
  • 8 foot cable: $59.95
  • 10 foot cable: $62.95
  • 12 foot cable: $66.95
  • 15 foot cable: $71.95
  • 18 foot cable: $74.95
  • 20 foot cable: $79.95
  • 25 foot cable: $87.95
These cables can be purchased from numerous Lava Cable dealers or direct on Lava Cable’s website.

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