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Montreal Guitar Show 2011 Video Guide

We''ll be listing all of the videos from the show here, in alphabetical order, as they''re uploaded and added.

The 2011 Montreal Guitar Show featured over 100 luthiers exhibiting their innovative, beautiful, and toneful designs. We were able to speak with 39 of them, as well as bring you performances from the Montreal Jazz Festival's Guitarissimo shows with Eric Bibb, Laurence Juber, Kaki King, Jake Shimabukuro, and the California Guitar Trio. You can find all of our videos at, but we'll also be listing all of the videos from the show here, in alphabetical order, as they're uploaded and added. You can also check out our photo gallery from the show here. Enjoy!

Montreal Jazz Festival - Guitarissimo

Eric Bibb - "Pockets"
Eric Bibb - "New Home"
California Guitar Trio - "Chacrera"
California Guitar Trio - "Melrose Avenue"
California Guitar Trio - "Prelude Circulation"
Jake Shimabukuro - "Dragon"
Jake Shimabukuro - "Blue Roses Falling"
Montreal Guitar Show - Electrics
BM Guitars
DGN Guitars
EverTune Guitar Bridges
Godin Guitars Acoustic Multiac, 5th Avenue Uptown, and 5th Avenue Jazz Models
Hahn Guitars 228 Demo
Henman Guitars
Jean La Marche Guitars Sprint and Marathon Travel Guitar Models
Jens Ritter Instruments George Benson Tribute Princess Isabella & The Bone
King Blossom Guitars Riffguy Signature Guitar
Potvin Guitars Bee Models
Ruokangas Guitars
Sandberg Guitars Bullet Special 5-String,"Photoshopped" California TM Bass
John Widman Custom Electronics Gigmaster, Set Neck, and Electric Banjo
Montreal Guitar Show - Acoustics
Claudio Pagelli Interchangeable Top Acoustic/Electric/Resonator/Banjo Guitar
DMT Guitars Double Cutaway Thin-line Archtop
GIM Music and Instruments 10-String
Grit Laskin Blue Trumpet and Blueprint for Curves Inlay
Jean-Yves Alquier Gnossienne
Ken Parker Archtops Stella Archtop
Linda Manzer Guitars Pikasso Archtop
Marc Saumier Guitars Awasos Acoustic Bass, Steel-String Acoustic, and Archtop
Michael Dunn Guitars Cubism Reoux
PMC Guitars Byblos
Prohaszka Guitars "Mickey Mouse"
Tom Ribbecke Guitars Private Label Halfling 16" and 15" Archtops

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