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Morley Debuts Mini Volume & Mini Wah

The new pedals measure 6.75" long, 4.5" wide, and 2.75" high.

Cary, IL (May 12, 2010) -- Morley has announced the release of the company's two newest pedals: the Mini Volume and Mini Wah.

After years of hearing customers complain that most Wah and volume pedals take up too much real estate on a pedal board, Morley designed these two new Mini pedals at just 6.75” in length, 4.5” wide and only 2.75” in height. “This is yet another example of us listening to our customers,” states Sales Manager, Bill Wenzloff, “We don’t just listen; we give them what they want.”

Both the Mini Volume and Mini Wah are equipped with Morley's Electro Optical circuitry so there are no pots to wear out like typical Wah and Volume pedals. The Mini Wah has a Wah on/off switch, Wah Level control and is designed for classic & vintage Wah tones. The volume is studio-quiet and set for a smooth audio taper.

Both minis are housed in durable, cold rolled steel, equipped with LED indication and easy-access battery door, have a no hassle two year warranty and are both made in the USA.

Mini Volume street price is $69.99, Mini Wah street price is $79.99, and both pedals are available now.

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