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Belltone Guitars and Righteous Sound Pickups Announce Big-AL and Staggered Bucker Pickups

Belltone Guitars and Righteous Sound Pickups Announce Big-AL and Staggered Bucker Pickups

Belltone Guitars as part of their Custom-Select System curated offering of pickups has partnered with Righteous Sound Pickups to create two, one-of-a-kind retro-vibe humbucking pickups in the standard Filtertron size format.

Big AL

First up is the Big Al. This pickup, with its alnico pole rod magnets, captures more of the clear, bell-like chime of a classic single-coil when played clean and retains the tight mids and articulate low-end vintage growl and smooth sustain saturation when pushed into overdrive all without the 60-cycle hum issues associate with standard single-coil pickups.

Staggered Bucker

Next is the Staggered Bucker. This unique 3x3 Hex Pole design has a sonic voicing closer to a traditional P.A.F. humbucker than a typical Filtertron. Loaded with custom Alnico magnets, and hand scatter wound with a unique blend of vintage and modern wire, this is the set for players looking for more of a warmer balanced tone and mid-range muscle in our Filtertron footprint.

Both of these custom hand-built Righteous Sound pickups come housed in dull brushed nickel vintage Filtertron hi-lo open-face casings available in either parchment or black deco aesthetic designs making either one a perfect pickup choice for your signature Belltone custom build.

35 0 Righteous Sound pickups

Available directly and exclusively through Belltone Guitars/Righteous Sound Pickups.

For more information, please visit

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