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Buzzing Bugs Introduces the BB04 Full Range Drive Pedal

Buzzing Bugs Introduces the BB04 Full Range Drive Pedal

Featuring four op-amp gain stages, this pedal delivers expansive headroom, while the softclipping saturates the signal without aggressively compressing it.

Buzzing Bugs Audio Devices, one of the UK’s most exciting new pedal brands has introduced the BB04 Full Range Drive, a saturated and non-transparent overdrive pedal inspired by the essence of two iconic "blues" pedals.

What sets the BB04 apart is its unique BODY switch which provides a shift in EQ parameters. Switch between thicker or thinner tones, while also providing a perceived gain and volume boost when engaged.

But what truly earns the moniker "Full Range" is the pedal's versatility. With the BODY switch, you have two distinct ranges of TONE and GAIN at your fingertips, depending on which side of the pedal you use, each offering a spectrum of overdrive flavors. From an edge-of-breakup clean, to tube-driven distortion, the dynamic interaction between the GAIN, TONE, and BODY controls offers you a full range of tones.

As with all Buzzing Bugs Audio Devices pedals, the BB04 Full Range Drive comes housed in a robust diecast enclosure adorned with unique tactile gloss artwork, marrying style with durability.


The BB04 pedal includes the following controls and features:

  • GAIN - Controls the voltage of one of the multiple gain stages,
  • TONE - A wide-range tone control that dynamically interacts with the GAIN and BODY controls
  • BODY - Changes the parameter of the EQ, thinning or thickening the tone
  • VOL - Controls the overall output of the pedal
  • True bypass switching
  • Diecast, robust metal enclosure
  • Top-mounted jacks for maximum pedalboard efficiency
  • 9vDC standard center negative input, PSU not included

The BB04 Full Range Drive has a price of £129.

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