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DOD Unveils the Reissued Gunslinger MOSFET Distortion

DOD Unveils the Reissued Gunslinger MOSFET Distortion

The Gunslinger's tube-like harmonics are designed to deliver detailed and complex overdrive and distortion tones, with a level of touch sensitivity.

​The Gunslinger is designed to help clean combo amps sound more like a modded British-style amp. The Gunslinger features a robust, brushed-metal chassis making the pedal look as bold as it sounds, a crisp blue LED power indicator, and four independent control knobs providing a wide range of sonic possibilities: GAIN adjusts the amount of gain being applied to the signal; LEVEL allows the user to adjust the output level. The active EQ section allows LOW boosts or cuts low frequencies from bone-rattling low-end sounds to a more cleaned-up midrange tone; HIGH lets the player boost or cut the treble. Aside from massive amounts of output and a variety of gain options, the Gunslinger makes it even easier to stay on target with a choice of 9 or 12V operation.

As a MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor) device, the DOD Gunslinger can effectively emulate those highly sought-after valve sounds, enhancing the player’s harmonic dynamics, much as the preamp tubes in an old-school guitar amp. This results in unparalleled touch sensitivity, saturation, and string separation. Since the Gunslinger is so responsive to the dynamics and style of playing, the distortion will become more aggressive the harder a player attacks the strings and will “clean up” nicely and become less distorted when played lightly.

The Gunslinger’s true bypass circuitry ensures that tone remains unspoiled even when the unit is off and its modern 9V DC power supply input and compact footprint (4.68” x 2.63” x 2.25”) make it ideally suited to any pedalboard.

Whether aiming for big, crunchy chords or lightning-fast lead lines, the DOD Gunslinger always hits the mark.

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