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Fender Launches New Finishes for Cory Wong Stratocaster

Fender Launches New Finishes for Cory Wong Stratocaster

Fender releases two new colors for Cory Wong's signature Strat: Daphne Blue and Surf Green.

Cory Wong's signature model has a scaled-down alder body – slightly smaller than a typical Stratocaster – combined with a Modern “D” neck and sculpted body contours deliver a sublimely comfortable playing experience. Outfitted with a set of Seymour Duncan Cory Wong Clean Machine pickups, this guitar provides a classic Strat quack and chime, fine-tuned to achieve Cory’s distinctive tone.

When asked about the new colors, he said: “I’ve wanted to release the Cory Wong Stratocaster in other colors since the original Sapphire Blue Transparent version was released in 2021. I'm a visual person and believe the look of a guitar can affect the approach one takes to playing it. Certain instruments can draw things out of a musician, and the vibe of the instrument definitely plays a role in that. With the release of these two new colors, my goal was to provide players with a guitar that exudes a bright, fun energy.”

Cory Wong Strat Features

  • Scaled-down alder body with sculpted contours
  • Maple American Ultra Modern “D” neck
  • Custom neck plate
  • Rosewood fingerboard with rolled edges
  • Seymour Duncan Cory Wong Clean Machine pickups
  • Push pot on Tone 2 that bypasses the 5-way switch and defaults to “Position 4”
  • Vintage-style 6-screw synchronized Tremolo
  • Deluxe locking tuners for tuning stability and easy string changes
  • Cory Wong hair tie included (for muting the tremolo springs to achieve Cory’s rhythm tone)