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Tech 21 Introduces the Frank Bello Street Driver 48 SansAmp

Tech 21 Introduces the Frank Bello Street Driver 48 SansAmp

The Frank Bello Street Driver 48 features a Dirt switch for extra gain and overdrive, and a Filth switch for extra top-end sizzle and razor edge clarity to emphasize your attack.

Frank Bello has been an avid and consistent Tech 21 user for several decades. His weapon of choice was the SansAmp Bass Driver DI, not only for Anthrax, but for his solo efforts as well. Having developed a personal relationship, it was time for Frank to have his own Signature SansAmp, the Frank Bello Street Driver 48.

Controls include Drive for gain and overdrive, Low & High active EQ, and Level. In addition to the specific tones Frank wanted, a major priority was to make the Street Driver 48 simple to operate. He didn’t want an excessive amount of knobs and switches, or gratuitous bells & whistles. He wanted players to be able to get a great sound right out of the box, whether it’s for metal or R&B or prog rock, whether the player is a novice or expert, young or advanced in years.

As is the case with all Tech 21 Signature SansAmps, the Frank Bello Street Driver 48 offers his core sounds and the versatility for many different styles. It runs on an included 9V DC universal, auto-switching power supply with heavy duty braided cord and interchangeable international plugs for use anywhere in the world. Other features include 1/4-inch and XLR Outputs, ruggedall-metal housing. Measures 3.75”l x 4.75”w x 2.0”h.

Tech 21 Frank Bello Chat / Part 1: Pizza!

Anticipated availability: Mid-October.


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