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Gecko Pedals Introduces the O-Face

Gecko Pedals Introduces the O-Face

O-Face has a 4-stage drive circuit and a unique soft-clipping diode configuration that was very carefully chosen to produce the most tube-like clipping characteristics.

This pedal adds an industry first: independent optical knob modulation on all of the control knobs. This means that any or all of its overdrive controls can be set to automatically oscillate, each with independent control over speed, depth, wave shape, and phase of the oscillations.

To take it even further, it packs in loads of other features, including Tap-Tempo for easy modulation speed control, a Tap-Hold feature to ramp to a configurable modulation speed/depth set-point, programmable presets, neutral tone adjustments to allow sculpting of its core tone, and it is fully MIDI controllable with both MIDI in and out jacks.

The O-Face Features:

  • 100% analog high-output 4-stage soft-clipping circuit produces tube-like sound
  • Independent optical knob modulations for each of the overdrive controls
  • Illuminated modulation pushbuttons rings pulse the exact modulation waveforms
  • Programmable presets (up to 12 total with MIDI)
  • Tap-tempo for hands-free control of the modulation speed
  • Tap-hold feature ramps the speed and depth to a configurable set point
  • Neutral tone adjustment capability allows sculpting the core tone
  • Fully MIDI controllable through a compact 1/8" mini-jack MIDI interface
  • Top-quality build is powder-coated, has a genuine Hammond enclosure, gold-plated circuit board contacts, and all-metal hardware and jacks

The O-Face is priced at $329 each and can be purchased directly from the online store, or through select Gecko Pedals retailers located throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

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