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Gibson Unveils the Gibson Pickup Shop

Gibson Unveils the Gibson Pickup Shop

Introducing the Gibson Pickup Shop, which offers a variety of pickup styles in Historic, Original and Modern Collections in configurations intended for all types of players.

The Gibson Pickup Shop offers a variety of pickup styles and configurations every player. Gibson’s hand-assembled pickups feature specially made magnets, maple wood spacers, high-quality cover materials, and four-conductor or vintage two-conductor wiring. Each pickup magnet is magnetized at the Gibson Pickup Shop to ensure peak performance. The use of maple spacers (not plastic) helps to reduce unwanted vibrations. The Gibson Pickup Shop uses Swiss-made Meteor ME-301 coil winding machine, a historical winding machine that Gibson has been using since the 50s. The Meteor ME-301 coil winding machines are highly accurate, precision winders that can handle winding a larger quantity of coils simultaneously.

The Gibson Pickup Shop Original Collection pays tribute to the past, housing the coveted ‘57 Classics, P-90s, Burstbuckers, and more that have shaped sound across all generations and genres of music. The Gibson Pickup Shop Modern Collection includes such pickups as the 490R, 498T and 500T.

“Our updated lineup has been categorized into Original, Modern, and Historic collections to be in harmony with our Original, Modern, and Historic guitar collections,” says Jason Davidson, Director, Product Development and Gibson Archives Curator at Gibson Brands. “The Original collection includes pickups based on our original designs from the classic P-90 Dogear single coil to the Dirty Fingers humbucker. The Modern Collection includes pickups built for more modern tones and includes 4-conductor wiring to allow a variety of switching options, and our Historic Collection launches with the aftermarket debut of the Custombucker, previously available exclusively on Gibson Custom Shop guitars.”

The Gibson Pickup Shop

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