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Haggtronix Releases Mothman Dual Drive

Haggtronix Releases Mothman Dual Drive

The Mothman offers two fuzz/boost circuits side-by-side, each controlled by a single Volume knob and on/off footswitch.

Nashville-based guitar effects builder Haggtronix has released its new Mothman Dual Drive, an exercise in elementary gain staging where two fuzzy boosts create fuzz/distortion.

The result is an extremely versatile and affordable pedal with elementary gain staging: when stacking two boosts, you can create an awesome fuzz/distortion.

Players can use their guitar’s volume knob (with a treble bleed circuit it's even better) to clean up the gain structure. It’s easy to create clear crunchy overdriven sounds with the guitar’s volume rolled back, or access full-on fuzz/distortion with the guitar’s volume at max.

The pedal PCB was designed by Paul Haggard of Haggtronix and the pedal’s artwork — a winged figure from the darkness above that wreaks audio havoc — was created by Dylan Rutherford, aka The Split Hoof of East Tennessee. Haggard hand screenprints many pedals, but this is the first to use full-color UV-printed design by Disaster Area MFG out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

The pedal operates on a standard center negative 9v-18v standard pedal power supply and is housed in a 1590bbs enclosure with Chameleon Cherry Violet sparkle powder coating.

The Mothman Dual Drive list price is $120 and can be purchased at along with other recent releases the Rotten Sorcerer ($150), Grassman Fuzz ($125), and the Spring Reverb ($140).

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Haggtronix Mothman Dual Drive