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HeadRush Announces the HeadRush PRIME

HeadRush Announces the HeadRush PRIME

HeadRush PRIME aims to take amp cloning to a whole new level.

HeadRush, the leading maker of touchscreen-based solutions for guitar-based performers, is today announcing the release of its new flagship multi-FX pedalboard - the HeadRush PRIME. Greatly expanding on the capabilities of the original HeadRush Pedalboard, the new HeadRush PRIME adds onboard amp cloning with the ability to share and download clones over built-in Wi-Fi from the all-new HeadRush Cloud, full vocal processing capabilities with a suite of vocal FX including the industry standard AntaresAuto-Tune, a Streaming Practice Tool, Bluetooth connectivity, and an expansive library of amps, cabinets, and FX that provide everything a professional guitarist or vocalist could ever need on stage or in the studio.

HeadRush PRIME takes amp cloning to a whole new level by leveraging its 7” touchscreen to create the easiest and most intuitive cloning process ever. Plug in your target device, follow the on-screen instructions, and the magic of your favorite amp or pedal setup is captured in minutes. Once a clone is created it can be tweaked, paired with a cabinet, and easily added to any rig. Saved clones and rigs can also be shared with the online HeadRush community via the HeadRush Cloud and PRIME’s built-in Wi-Fi connection.

The new HeadRush Cloud is a free database for HeadRush PRIME users to search, demo, and download rigs and clones uploaded by the HeadRush community, as well as from featured artists and content partners. It delivers unlimited freedom and creative options to players. The new HeadRush Cloud uses PRIME’s built-in Wi-Fi connection so everything can be done directly from the touchscreen. It is the ultimate resource for quickly sculpting a tone to sound like your heroes, as well as learning how to craft your own unique sounds that you can share with the HeadRush community.

“We built the HeadRush PRIME to be the pinnacle of modeling, FX, and cloning technology. The PRIME is something gigging guitarists and vocalists – as well as producers and bedroom players – will be blown away by every time they use it. The acclaimed HeadRush touchscreen workflow really elevates all the new features – it’s never been this easy to dial in a killer guitar and vocal sound or clone your favorite amp or fuzz pedal. We want to empower our users to be as creative as possible while still putting the music first. The HeadRush PRIME is the most powerful multi-FX pedalboard ever, and we can’t for people to get their hands on it!” Walter Skorupski, HeadRush Senior Product Manager

HeadRush PRIME – Key features:

  • 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen with intuitive interface
  • Realistic and responsive amp, cabinet, and microphone modeling including all new models by Revalver, the recognized innovator of software guitar amp modeling
  • Expansive library of guitar and vocal FX, including Antares Auto-Tune
  • Amp Cloner captures the sound of your favorite amp, preamp, distortion pedal, overdrive pedal, or fuzz pedal
  • Direct Wi-Fi connection to the HeadRush Cloud for clone sharing, preset sharing, and firmware updates
  • Wi-Fi streaming music practice tool makes learning songs easier than ever before
  • Bluetooth audio connectivity for playing along with mobile devices
  • Powerful custom-designed multicore DSP system with gapless preset switching
  • Road-ready steel chassis with durable built-in expression pedal and universal power supply
  • 12 footswitches with customizable color LEDs and OLED scribble strip display screens
  • Import virtually unlimited guitar and bass cabinet IR files
  • Stereo FX loop for integrating external FX pedals and 4 cable method connectivity
  • Best-in-class looper with save/load functionality and MIDI Sync
  • Record and re-amp via the built-in USB Audio interface (up to 24-bit/96KHz)
For more information, please visit

Headrush Prime Guitar Multi-effect/Amp Modeler/Vocal Processor Unit

HeadRush Prime Multi-FX Pedalboard
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