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Fender Tone Master Pro Demo | First Look

John Bohlinger has a blast taking an extensive tour of Fender's ambitious, expansive, and intuitive Tone Master Pro modeler.

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Three of our author’s favorite effects powerhouses that can do some seriously heavy lifting but are small enough to easily throw in a gig bag.

Keep pedalboards light and tight, with a jack-of-all-trades pedal.

I've said it before: We truly live in a golden era of gear, from guitars to amps to modelers. And pedals. So many pedals! As I'm sure you might agree, often it can be tough to figure out which ones to choose for our pedalboards, simply because there really are just so many options—especially if you're trying to limit the size and weight of your 'board. Luckily, there are some terrific options out there when it comes to jack-of-all-trades pedals—ones that'll do many things well and, in some cases, do just about anything. This month, I'd like to talk about a few of my favorite powerhouse, do-it-all pedals.

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