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Humanoid Pedals Introduces the Entity Germanium Overdrive

Humanoid Pedals Introduces the Entity Germanium Overdrive

The Entity delivers medium gain overdrive with two stages of clipping, utilizing different diode types for each stage of clipping.

Adding to the company’s line of premium guitar effects, Humanoid Pedals has launched the Entity, a transparent and harmonically rich germanium preamp overdrive pedal.

The pedal is voiced with a focused midrange (not that annoying“hump”) and a bit of presence on top of the signal, to help your guitar cut through the mix.

The Entity is wonderfully touch-sensitive and responds to varying pick attacks, as well as adjustments to your guitar’s volume knob. Its highly versatile sonic profile is perfect for a broad range of musical styles: extremely articulate and easy to dial in for that edge-of-breakup tone.

The Entity features include:

  • User-friendly 3-knob control set: Volume, Drive, and Tone
  • Mild to medium overdrive and crunch Thick harmonics, amazing sustain
  • New old stock glass germanium 2nd stage clipping diodes for smooth and sweet drive at the top end
  • Focused midrange (without the annoying hump), and extended presence range, to help cut through the mix
  • 9-Volt standard negative center, 2.1mm power supply – no battery compartment
  • Handmade in North Carolina with audio-grade components
The Entity overdrive is priced at $149.
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