Ibanez Launches 50th Anniversary Collection

In celebration of their 50th anniversary, Ibanez releases a collection of anniversary guitars.

LACS5 "Root Beer Float"

Over time, this model has become the quintessential metal guitar, but the luthiers at Ibanez' LA Custom shop aimed to strike a warmer, more vintage note with this design. A Light Root Beer Burst finish rests atop a stunning, roughly half-inch-thick Flamed Maple top, delivering a color combination that blends perfectly with the Maple fingerboard, a rarity on any modern Iceman. The styling is more reminiscent of designs from the late 70’s, rather than the menacing metal machines of today. This throwback motif is further enhanced by Flamed Maple neck binding, gold hardware accents and a custom made Flamed Maple truss rod cover emblazoned with the classic Ibanez “spaghetti” logo. The LACS 5 Iceman is an exquisite example of what happens when the skills of Ibanez’s best modern-day luthiers are matched with a longstanding symbol of the brand’s enduring legacy.


  • Neck: 3pc Maple / Korina
  • Neck Width: 43mm @ Nut, 57mm @ 22nd Fret
  • Neck Thickness: 20mm @ 1st Fret, 22mm @12th Fret
  • Grip Shape: Round
  • Fretboard: Maple
  • Fretboard Radius: 12”
  • Inlays: Block Pearloid / Abalone
  • Side Dots: Luminlay
  • Scale Length: 24.7”
  • Neck Joint: Set Neck
  • Body: Mahogany
  • Top: Flamed Maple
  • Pickups: DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversary
  • Controls: 2 Vol, 2 Tone, 3 WayPickup Selector
  • Tuners: Gotoh Magnum Locking
  • Bridge: Gibraltar 1
  • Finish: Light Root Beer Burst

JPCS32 "Sakura"

Ibanez' Japanese Custom Shop team opted for the name ‘Sakura’, ‘cherry blossom’ in Japanese, for this very special bass. The reason for the name is fairly obvious: the entire span of the top of this bass is inlayed with many cherry blossoms made from various types of wood and seashells. The inlay work on this bass involved individually cutting, sanding and seating well over 90 individual pieces of shell and wood. Not to mentioned the extra time involved to seat, level, and dress the stainless steel frets. The end result of all the hours that went into this bass is absolutely stunning. The inlay work, combined with the Maple Burl top, and Yozakura Blue finish, combine to form an exquisite piece of functional artwork. Other unique features found on this instrument include matching pickup covers with cherry blossom inlay work and a Maple Burl “mountain ridge” headstock inlay.


  • Neck: 5pc Maple/Purpleheart (Timeless Timber Maple core)
  • Neck Width: 38.0mm @ Nut, 60.0mm @ 24th Fret
  • Neck Thickness: 19.5mm @ 1st Fret, 22.5mm @ 12th Fret
  • Grip Shape: Atlas-4 HP
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Fingerboard Radius: 12”
  • String Spacing: 19mm
  • Inlays: MOP & Abalone
  • Side Dots: White
  • Scale Length: 34”
  • Neck Joint: Bolt-On
  • Body: Alder
  • Top: Maple Burl
  • Pickups: Nordstrand Big Singles
  • Tuners: Gotoh RES-O-LITE
  • Bridge: MR5SEQ: Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-Band EQ
  • Controls: Vol/Blend/Treble/Mid/Bass/EQ Bypass/Mid Selector
  • Finish: Yozakura Blue

LACS18 "Hang 10"

This surf wagon-themed Talman inspires visons of the beaches of Southern California from which it hails. This spectacular instrument doesn’t only evoke vintage imagery, but also delivers a vintage-style sound, capitalizing on a classic tone wood mix of Alder, Maple and Rosewood. This wood combo, paired with the three lipstick-style pickups, delivers a highly-stylized design that’s totally impossible to overlook.


  • Neck: 3pc Maple/Purpleheart
  • Neck Width: 42mm @ Nut, 57mm @ 22nd Fret
  • Neck Thickness: 20mm @ 1st Fret, 22mm @ 12th Fret
  • Grip Shape: Half Round
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Fretboard Radius: 16”
  • Inlays: Mother of Pearl Dots
  • Side Dots: Luminlay
  • Scale Length: 25.5”
  • Neck Joint: Neck-ThruBody: Alder
  • Top: Quilted Maple
  • Pickups: Seymour Duncan Strat Lipstick
  • Controls: Vol, Tone, 5-Way Pickup Selector Switch
  • Tuners: Gotoh Magnum LockingBridge: Gibraltar Std. II
  • Finish: Turquoise Blue Stain Gloss

Additional info at ibanez.com.

Luxe looks and a sweet playing feel make this Squier an anniversary edition worth celebrating.

Slinky playability. Very nice construction quality. An attractive, celebratory mash-up of Fender style elements.

Neck feels slightly generic.


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