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Keeley Electronics Introduces Beach Boys Inspired Pedals

Keeley Electronics Introduces Beach Boys Inspired Pedals

Featuring classic sounds and vintage vibes, these Beach Boys inspired pedals from Keeley are available exclusively at Sweetwater.

Keeley Electronics has introduced a pair of special limited-edition pedals inspired by the Beach Boys: the California Girls 12-String Simulator and I Get Around Rotary Simulator. Featuring old-school knobs and a pulsing jewel light, these pedals conjure the look and vibe of the 1960s.

I Get Around

The I Get Around Rotary Simulator captures the swirling textures and vintage warmth of iconic rotary speaker cabinets, one of the legendary sound effects used by The Beach Boys. You can achieve that classic rotary sound with a rich, “chorusy” effect and a tube-like overdrive, reminiscent of those era-defining guitar tones. The pedal’s Blend control allows you to find the perfect mix between dry and wet signals for a subtle warble or a full-on sonic whirlpool. With the Drive knob, you can dial in a touch of gritty overdrive to add depth and character to your tone. The pedal’s Mids Boost switch can push your mids for a cutting lead sound that sits perfectly in the mix. The pedal allows you to choose between two distinct rotation speeds for classic slow warble or a more dramatic, fast chorus effect. It features an adjustable Ramp function to control the speed transition between slow and fast for smooth or dramatic soundscapes. And the pedal’s large Speed knob makes it easy to control the rotation speed for intuitive adjustments on the fly.

California Girls

The California Girls 12 String Simulator captures the jingle and shimmer of double twelve-string guitars. Plug in your standard six-string and unlock a world of lush chorusing octaves and subtle delay, the effects that are the secret ingredients needed to simulate a twelve-string sparkle. The pedal includes a Blend for finding the perfect balance between your dry signal and the wet effect, for a subtle shimmer or a full-bodied octave jangle. The Chorus knob allows you to dial in the desired “chorus” effect, controlling the depth of your twelve-string simulation for a more or less pronounced effect. The Rate control can range from slow and sultry or fast and edgy. The pedal also includes an Echo Toggle to simulate the natural string interaction of a twelve-string with a subtle, short slapback echo.

Keeley: I GET AROUND Rotary Sim + CALIFORNIA GIRLS 12-String Sim. Beach Boys!


  • True Bypass or Buffered Bypass: Choose between transparent signal switching or a buffered bypass for maintaining pristine tone in complex pedal chains
  • Both pedals boast stereo ins and outs, allowing you to create lush, expansive soundscapes with any rig.
  • Made in the USA

These new Keeley pedals each carry a $299 street price and are available exclusively on

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