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Line 6 Introduces the DL4 MkII Delay Pedal

Line 6 Introduces the DL4 MkII Delay Pedal

Considerably lighter than the original, the successor to the iconic DL4 delay features a total of 30 delay types and an XLR dynamic microphone input.

The DL4 MkII features 15 delays drawn from the HX family of amp and effects processors, for a total of 30 delay types. The MkII delays include both revered classics and Line 6 originals such as Harmony Delay, Pitch Echo, Euclidian Delay, Glitch Delay, and ADT tape delay. There are also 4-Switch and 1-Switch looper types, each with up to 240 seconds of record time, expandable to several hours using an optional microSD card. Additional features include an XLR dynamic microphone input; MIDI capabilities such as real time parameter control and preset selection (up to 128); MIDI In and Out/Thru DIN connectors; heavy duty foot-switches; and switchable true, buffered, or DSP bypass. An optional expression pedal or two external foot-switches may also be connected for increased creative control.

Finally, although the DL4 MkII does everything that the original DL4 does (other than run on batteries), it is considerably smaller and lighter.

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