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Lollar Pickups Brings Back Its Broiler Pickup

Lollar Pickups Brings Back Its Broiler Pickup

The Broiler is Lollar’s take on the classic sound of the Rickenbacker Toaster, designed to deliver the classic jangle and chime. The Broiler is designed to be a drop-in pickup replacement for Rickenbacker guitars.

The original Broiler was a customer and staff favorite until a supplier of some of the necessary parts suddenly went out of business and Lollar was no longer able to make it available. While demand for the Broiler continued, it wasn’t until suitable parts were recently sourced that Lollar was able to re-release this classic pickup.

The Broiler’s design offers excellent balance from string-to-string and between neck and bridge positions along with improvements to clarity and definition, and a shimmering top end chime that’s present but never brittle or harsh. It’s equally well-equipped for the job in both 6- and 12-string guitars.

With parts once again available, Lollar also took the opportunity to tweak the guitar pickup’s design in order to offer a suitable version for Rickenbacker-style basses. The Broiler for Bass neck pickup was designed to complement Lollar’s Horseshoe bass bridge pickup, bringing out the best in your Ric-style bass or similarly inspired new build.

Both the guitar and bass versions of the Broiler are $175 each and come with chrome open-ring covers and black Forbon tops.

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