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Mark Tremonti and PRS Unveil MT 100 Signature Amp

PRS Mark Tremonti Signature Amp

Each of the MT100's three channels is built from its own unique circuit with dedicated preamp tubes to ensure the voicing of each channel is exactly as intended.

The result of many years of R&D and road-testing, the MT 100 is a professional amp built on a robust chassis. The MT 100 features custom transformers and three independent channels with identical controls, but unique voices.

The Clean channel stays pristine and chimey, the Gain channel gets lush heavy tones with massive bass response, and the Overdrive channel brings a flexible gain structure and musical midrange response.

Select your channel on the amp face or via the included footswitch - both feature matching channel lights. All three channels share the same preamp tube type (12AX7's) for ease of servicing.

PRS MT100 Mark Tremonti Signature Amp Demo | First Look

Price: $1,849 USD.

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