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Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins Now Available Starting at $59!

Classic Moog Sound for the Next Generation of Producers

Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins are a re-invention of Moog’s coveted analog effects pedals, bringing the legendary tone, musicality, and interconnectivity of the original hardware effects to your digital music production environment.

Designed by Bob Moog and his engineering team in the late '90s and '00s, Moogerfooger effects pedals were direct descendants of the original Moog modular synthesizers, adapted to process, modulate, and play with inputs ranging from guitar, voice, and synthesizer to any imaginable audio source. From the MF-104's lush, warm analog delay circuit to the swirling phaser effects of the MF-103 and legendary resonant ladder lowpass filter in the MF-101, Moogerfoogers have become renowned for their sound and adopted by studios and performers around the world.

Each of the seven effects (plus a brand newsaturation tool) have been meticulously renewed with reverence for the lush, distinctive tones of the original analog circuits—retaining the exceptional sound quality the pedals are known for, while expanding on what's possible in the hardware realm. With stereo functionality and an extended feature set, these plug-ins further tailor the classic Moogerfooger functionality to the modern digital creator. With all parameters ready to be automated as well as the ability to save and manage presets, Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins mutate and re-shape themselves around your audio tracks.

Creative Tools Designed with Interconnectivity in Mind

The original collection of Moogerfoogers were more than the sum of their parts due to their powerful and flexible control voltage inputs and outputs—able to play amongst themselves and combine into dynamic inter-related effects.

Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins recreate that CV interconnectivity, allowing each instance of a Moogerfooger to modulate the parameters of any other across your project in any major DAW. With digital attenuverters added to every CV input, side-chain capabilities, and DC offset capabilities, Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins allow for deep control over every aspect of your sound.

Meet the Moogerfoogers: Each Effect Explained

Each member of the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins family has been designed to embody not only the warm and vibrant sound of Moog’s original analog effects pedals, but also the organic way in which the parameters interact to create a musical playing experience. With CV interconnectivity, stereo functionality, an extended feature set, the ability to run multiple instances, and presets, these effects tailor the classic Moogerfooger functionality to the modern digital creator.

  • The MF-101S Lowpass Filter honors Bob Moog’s design of the classic Moog ladder filter. This effect pairs the filter with an envelope follower to impart dynamic motion to the filtered sound.
  • The spaced-out, retro-futuristic sound of the MF-102SRing Modulator features a wide-range carrier oscillator paired with an LFO for effects from soft tremolo to far-out clangorous ring modulation tones.
  • A descendant of the vibrant 1970s rack-mounted Moog phaser with an on-board LFO, the MF-103S 12-Stage Phaser gives users access to the pedal’s distinct psychedelic enveloping sound.
  • Rich and full-bodied, the MF-104S Analog Delay captures the warm, organic texture and character of Moog’s sought-after analog delay circuitry, while adding modern flexibility and ease of use.
  • The MF-105S MuRF (Multiple Resonant Filter Array) combines a resonant filter bank with a pattern generator and skewing envelope for vibrant animation of an incoming sound.
  • Unconventional, eccentric, freaky: the MF-107S FreqBox lives up to its name with gnarly synced VCO sounds plus envelope and FM modulation.
  • For flexible processing, the MF-108S Cluster Flux can do it all. Modulate between chorus, flanging, and vibrato to achieve sounds ranging from subtle swirling to intense flanging.
  • The new software-only MF-109S Saturator is a powerful saturation tool based on the classic Moogerfooger input drive stage that adds warmth, distortion, and compression to any sound.

This feature-packed suite of Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins is now available to purchase at Click here to get started!

Moog’s Focus on Making Its Instruments More Accessible

The company’s foray into the software space began just over a decade ago with the release of Moog’s first iOS app. Its growing collection of budget-friendly applications for iOS and macOS users has made it possible for more creatives around the world to experiment with sound design and synthesis concepts.

With today’s announcement of the new Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins, available for both Apple and Windows, the team at Moog takes a giant leap forward in its mission to make professional-level audio production tools more accessible—and useful—for the artist community. Steve Dunnington, the company’s current VP of Engineering and former apprentice of Bob Moog, shares more on this evolution and the importance of paying tribute to Moog's heritage.

“Bob liked to describe himself as a toolmaker for musicians,” Steve recalls. “He felt that technology should not drive the needs of musicians, but that engineers and toolmakers should use the needs of musicians to harness the power of technologies to serve those needs. He was never dogmatic about whether analog or digital was better; he saw both technologies as different means to serve the musicians that he respected and admired.”

The Moog veteran of 28 years and counting has worked on the development of dozens of hardware and software instruments, including both the classic analog Moogerfooger and new plug-in emulations.

“As we began the development of the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins, it was of paramount importance not just to clone the devices, but to look for opportunities where digital technology could improve some of their characteristics. This is in alignment with Bob Moog’s philosophies—he was reluctant to copy his old designs but preferred to continue to refine and improve them based on the needs of musicians. Thus, the envelope follower controls on the MF-101S become more flexible for a wider variety of program material than the original MF-101, thanks to the possibilities provided by digital technology. Other examples abound in the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins, where inspiration was taken from the original with the addition of useful improvements. They sound great, like the classic Moog circuits we know and love.”

Ty Segall Creates Original Song with Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins, Vintage Minimoog Model D & More

In a new video from Moog Music, Ty Segall invites you inside Harmonizer Studio, home to his wonderland of custom and vintage instruments. Witness the musician and producer’s creative process as he builds an original composition piece by piece using guitar, bass, piano, synthesizer, a mix of percussion, and Moog’s new software effects plug-ins.

In the making of “Frog Meets Fly” Ty demonstrates the sonic range and transformative potential of these effects. Using the MF-107S FreqBox to morph metallic percussion into synth voices and imitate 60s-style fuzz tones on the track’s bass line, adding depth to his Rhodes with multiple instances of the MF-108S Cluster Flux, transforming clean electric guitar into alien lead lines via the MF-102S Ring Modulator, and adding vintage-toned delay to his Minimoog Model D with the MF-104S Delay, Ty puts the processing power of these effects on full display over the 15 separate tracks in this arrangement.

Watch the debut of “Frog Meets Fly” by Ty Segall on Moog’s YouTube channel Here.

Expand Your Effects Collection

In addition to the full collection of all eight effects, these professional sound design and audio production plug-ins are now available individually or in bundles of two or four.

Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins are now available through Moog’s website and select partners around the world. To get started, click here!

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