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Radial Releases Updated Versions of the JX42 and JX44


A pair of pro-level amp switchers that offer flexibility and durability.

Radial announces shipping and retail availability of its two newest professional products, the JX42 V2 and JX44 V2 Guitar and Amp Signal Managers. Designed with input from some of the industry's busiest touring professionals, both units now feature high-end Jensen transformers and expand Radial's line of professional switchers and signal managers, considered by many touring professionals as the gold standard in switchers.

The JX42 V2 and JX44 V2 fit perfectly in professional touring and guitar rig setups where reliable, seamless instrument changeovers and managing/switching guitar signals on stage are of utmost importance night after night.

The JX44 V2 is a single rack space 4-Instrument, 4-Amp and EFX Signal Manager that handles complex effects routing requirements with ease, providing ultimate control in managing and switching guitar signals on stage.

The JX42 V2 is a single rack space 4-Instrument, 2-Amp Switching Station that provides instant, seamless signal changeovers in a guitar, bass, or keyboard rig without signal coloration or additional noise.

Both units are designed to handle the rigors of concert touring, providing instant, seamless signal changeovers and effects routing in a guitar, bass, or keyboard rig without signal coloration, additional noise or popping when switching instruments.

"As more and more touring acts prepare to return to normal touring schedules in the coming months, the JX42 V2 and JX44 V2 offer the perfect performance upgrade to outdated rigs that have been sitting idle for the past year," said Radial artist relations manager Jim Rhodes. "We're excited to see the live music industry gearing up for a return to normal and are glad that the JX44 V2 and JX42 V2 are now available and ready to hit the road with the bands."

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