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Rombo Picks Unveils Four New Models

Rombo Picks Unveils Four New Models

Rombo Picks has developed a new series of plectrums with a special story: They were designed with the help of the online guitar community. For this, the founders created a big online survey (over 1500 guitarists), in which the participants could select the thicknesses, the size, the tip diameter, and even the names of the new picks.

These guitar picks were successfully launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and now they have been officially launched for retail.

The picks are called Horizon (1.4 mm), Prisma (0.8 mm), Crisp (1 mm), and Jade (2.3 mm). Such Try Out Mix is an excellent way to test several picks and experiment with new tone textures.

The material used to manufacture the picks has high mechanical strength and stiffness, excellent impact resistance, and superior aesthetic properties.

Rombo also uses this material for its Eco-Black range. In this range, all guitar pick models are manufactured out of 100% recycled pre-consumer fibre waste.

Each pick has been carefully developed for a concrete purpose. For this reason, the Rombo team has redefined the four attributes of a guitar pick: shape, thickness, material and size.

The highlights of these guitar picks are:

  • Micro-nodule grip structure
  • High mirror polished tip
  • 3D ergonomic design surface
  • Variable thickness
  • High-Quality materials
  • Unique designs
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