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Rombo Unveils Eco-Black Range Guitar Picks

Rombo Unveils Eco-Black Range Guitar Picks

The picks are made entirely of recycled waste.

Stuttgart, Germany (November 13, 2019) -- Rombo Picks has unveiled a new series of plectrums made out of 100 percent recycled waste. The material is not only environmentally friendly, but also has high mechanical strength and stiffness, excellent impact resistance and superior aesthetic properties.

  • Classic: 0.45 mm. The perfect choice for strumming and recording acoustic music. Very flexible. Great treble and lower dynamic range. Perfect for beginners. Great for acoustic guitar and ukuleles.
  • Origami: 0.75 mm. Flexible but still rigid enough for note control. Right amount of flexibility for a snappy fluid attack that's bright and crisp. The concave surface on the hold area ensures ergonomic and comfortable hold.
  • Diamond: 2 mm. Exceptional picking control and accuracy. Favourite amongst advanced guitarists. The hole in the middle provides extra control and grip rate. Sharp tip for high attack, and clean bright tones.
  • Waves: 1.25 mm. Strong dynamic range. Great picking accuracy and rigid body. The round tip allows for a smooth and warm attack and soft release. Its curious shape makes this pick perfect for strumming.

Rombo uses this material for its Eco-Black range. In this range, all four guitar pick models are available only in Graphite Black, which is one of the properties of the recycled material. Each pick has been carefully developed for a concrete purpose. For this reason, the Rombo team has redefined the four attributes of a guitar pick: shape, thickness, material and size. The highlights of these guitar picks are:

  • Micro-nodule grip structure
  • High mirror polished tip
  • 3D ergonomic design surface
  • Variable thickness
  • High-Quality materials
  • Unique designs

Engineered and Designed in Germany. The suggested retail price for a set of 4 guitar picks is $11.15.

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