Rombo Unveils New Guitar Strap Blocks

The improved design offers an easier method for changing them out and comes in two different textures.

Stuttgart, Germany (March 9 ,2020) -- Rombo Picks has unveiled a new series of strap blocks. The design of the strap blocks has been improved. A tongue has been added to make changing easy, the dimensions have been redefined provide a tight fit, and the design, combined with two different surface textures, have added some elegant nuances to your guitar set.

A strap block is one of the most essential guitar accessories. Using strap blocks offers you a worry-free experience, regardless of what movements you perform on stage. These strap blocks have been carefully developed for a concrete purpose: prevent your instrument from falling onto the floor. For this reason, the Rombo team has redefined the main features and has created these elegant guitar strap blocks.


  • Improved design: Easy to change out
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • No need to replace or remove existing strap buttons
  • Keep your strap in place, providing a tight fit
  • Unique designs with two textures
  • Available in two colors: graphite black or snow white

Engineered and designed in Germany. The suggested retail price for a set of four guitar strap blocks is $9.

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